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Green Flag

I want to be a Green Flag.

Red flags signal dangerous situations and are used to warn people of bad ideas or potential problems. Conversely, green flags highlight positive actions or traits and signal healthy behaviors. Come to find out, red flags and green flags apply to people too, and not just in the context of romance.

Green Flags are people that score high in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They are self aware, excellent communicators and highly empathic. They invite you to be your best self and live in your truth. They challenge you. They are willing to be curious with you, try new things, but enjoy honoring traditions. Green Flags will laugh and cry with you, but regardless you feel energized after spending time with a Green Flag.

Additional characteristics of Green Flags in people and in leaders include:

  • They ask about YOU

  • They celebrate your wins

  • They remember small details about you

  • They show up, follow through and follow up

  • They anticipate your needs and attempt to lighten your load

  • They are fully present with you

  • They respect your boundaries

  • They invite you to be fully yourself and love you for (or in spite of) it

  • They keep your confidences

  • They are interested in and support your goals

  • They mention your name in a room full of opportunity

I am not only seeking to add more Green Flags in my life, I am on a quest to be more of a Green Flag myself.

What’s a Green Flag for you….What would you add to this list?

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Yes, to green-flags. I appreciate this topic and.. ... could not come up with anything to add to your list.

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