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Embracing the Magic of Less is More

As I do the beginning of every year, I set an intention of what I want my focus for the year in front of me to be, and I invite my clients to do the same.

In years past my "words" have been ADVENTURE, DISRUPT, GROWTH, ELEVATE, BOLD. When faced with a decision I would ask myself if my choice was honoring my stated intention for the year, and let that compass serve as my guide to moving forward.

In 2024. my intention is LESS. I long for fewer commitments, fewer obligations, fewer distractions. I crave less clutter, less conflict, less bullshit. I am hopeful that at the end of this year of "less" is more peace, more joy, more connection with the people that truly matter to me.

What's your intention for 2024?

Share it with someone you love so they can support you in this quest to live with intention.

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