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Prescription JOY

I have a chronic illness. Doctors tell me the illness waxes and wanes with my immune system. If my immune system is strong, the illness is kept at bay. If my immune system is weak, well...

I went to a specialist to inquire how I can keep my immune system firing on all cylinders, as this seems to be my key to good health. The doctor first responded with what you might expect, suggesting being mindful of rest, nutrition, exercise, and minimizing stress, as they are all key factors in supporting a healthy immune system. Then she said something I wasn't expecting....


Seek joy. Spread joy. Actively, intentionally making joy a part of your day is a critical component to healthy living.

I have made joy my primary operating system. Leading with joy has been beneficial for not only me, but everyone around me.

How can you infuse more joy in your life and the lives of others today?

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