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Mastering the Art of Leadership Presence: Elevate Your Impact and Inspire Trust

LEADERSHIP PRESENCE vs MULTI-TASKING: Research has proven multitasking may make us feel more efficient, but the reality is we don’t complete any of the tasks as well as we could if we gave each one individual focus. The same principal holds true for virtual and in-person meetings.

Leadership presence is closely tied to being fully present in the moment and actively engaged with others. Multitasking can hinder this sense of presence and engagement, and even though we may attempt to disguise this multi-tasking, our colleagues are smarter than that. They know when we are sharing our attention with another screen, rather than being fully connected with them in that moment. When leaders are physically present but mentally occupied with other tasks, it sends a message that the meeting, the conversation isn’t worthy of their full attention, which can undermine trust and rapport with their team.

Leadership Presence is a muscle, built up over time.

To enhance leadership presence, it is beneficial for leaders to focus on one task at a time, allocate dedicated time for specific responsibilities, practice active listening, and create an environment that promotes open, focused communication and collaboration. By minimizing multitasking and being fully present, leaders can strengthen their impact, decision-making, and relationships with their teams. 

Flex your Leadership Presence Muscle

Trouble with distractions? ProTip: Let technology assist you with setting notifications to Do No Disturb when spending scheduled time with coworkers. Whatever interruptions come your way, they almost always can wait. 


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