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Updated: Jan 2

After 25+ years in leadership, I learned a thing or two about people: people as leaders, people as employees, and most importantly, people as people. I have started this blog to share some of these insights with the hope I can inspire you as much as give you the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

I plan to write about leadership topics such as leadership presence, joy, vulnerability, community, recognition, generosity, core values, teams, managing energy, building relationships and avoiding burnout...but don't be surprised if there is an occasional 'Top 10' post involving food. Or travel. Or travel revolving around food.

If you are an emerging leader or manager, I think you'll enjoy this blog. I have married my leadership experience and education with an executive coaching certification that together have helped me figure out a few things about life and leadership. Let me tell you: It's all connected.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Please leave a comment if there are specific topics you want to hear more about or to just say hello.

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